Sanganer bedsheets combo

Are you wondering what this beautiful design is? Obviously you are. It seems like some pattern, isn’t it? Let reviewvision help you. This beauteous print is a work from Sanganer which is very popular for its handmade paper work and textile printing industry. Sanganer is a small town situated in south of Jaipur. Sanganeri block printing is very famous technique of printing clothes like suit, cushion covers, bed covers, quilts, curtains, bedsheets, scarves, dupattas and running clothes.

Vibrant coloured design patterns are so delightfully printed on clothes that they are in demand amongst women in different parts of India. These patterns include all variety of elegant flowers designs, animal figures  usually depicting cows, elephants and horses, designs representing various god patterns and beautiful jaal(net) patterns mostly printed on white background.

Although sanganer is a part of Jaipur but here dyers are originally belong to community of Gujrat who later migrated to Rajasthan. Probably due to repeated annexation of marathas and war with Aurangzeb. In Earlier days dyeing on clothes was done by vegetable colours only but nowdays they have started using mixed combination of dyes also to create beautiful new colours.

Sanganeri prints clothes look so elegant and easy to carry that they are best to be wore in summers.

If you love Indian Ethnic then this is best suitable option for you to try.

You might think that this could be expensive for you to buy it as its handmade but this isn’t the case. These clothes aren’t the thing for royals only. Urban crowd can also buy them as they are sell on very reasonable rates. Do visit: